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Bank Levy Release

Do you currently have a bank levy on one or more of your bank accounts? We understand how tough bank levies can be, especially if your cash flow is limited. We can provide bank levy help.

If the IRS or state has levied one or more of your bank accounts, we can help you win a bank levy release and get your cash back!

In order to get a bank levy release, you're going to need tax attorneys with experience in negotiating IRS bank levy releases.

In truth, there is no tougher bill collector than the IRS. We like to call it the "Super Creditor" because it has the ultimate collection power. It doesn't have to go to tax court to collect the debt. All it has to do is notify the taxpayer that it will levy his or her bank accounts, and then it will do it if the taxpayer doesn't pay the debt.

What does a levy mean? In short, the IRS will notify the bank of the levy, and it will instruct the bank to hold the taxpayer's hard-earned money and pay it to the IRS. Even if the bank is on the side of the taxpayer, the IRS can punish the bank. This is why you need experienced negotiators if you find yourself in need of bank levy help. And you need to act fast. The bank must hold your money for 21 days before turning it over to the IRS. If you know how, you can secure a bank levy release before time is up. Don’t delay.

Do you need a bank levy release or other bank levy help? We here at Polston Tax Resolution & Accounting can help. Call us confidentially at 844-841-9857 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation and see if you may be able to have a bank levy released.