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Dec 08, 2017

Polston Team Raises Donations for Tulsa and Elk City Tornado Victims Featured

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Gift Basket For Tornado Victims Gift Basket For Tornado Victims

It wasn’t a quiet Tornado season in Oklahoma, as storms destroyed different parts of the State. Early in the season, Elk City and the surrounding area was hit hard by a tornado and left homes destroyed and people without a place to sleep. Polston Tax raised money through donations from employees to help the families in Elk City out. Through the Servant Heart Foundation, Polston Tax sent over $5,000 to farmers and ranchers in the area to help rebuild the fences that they needed for their animals that were destroyed in the storm. Along with the money to help build the fences, the Servant Heart Foundation also raised nearly $2,000 to send to several families that had their homes destroyed. Each family received over $500 to help rebuild and replace items they lost in the storm.

Months later, the city of Tulsa was hit with a small tornado and some clients of Polston Tax were directly affected. Polston Tax once again used the Servant Heart Foundation to raise funds to help some of the families and businesses affected by the tornado. We were able to raise over $1,000 to help the families out. We also found out about a local fire department that had worked hard to save one of our client’s homes that caught fire during the tornado and ended up saving his beloved dog from the flames. Several members of the team baked cookies and other goodies for the fireman and brought them the gift basket to thank them for all they do. Along with a gift basket for each family, the Servant Heart Foundation gave monetary donations to three families whose homes were damaged by the tornado.

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