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Tax Lien Help

Do you have a tax lien on your home or property and now are unable to sell it? Do you need tax lien help? Have you been turned down for a loan or had a line of credit terminated because of an IRS tax lien? A tax lien attorney can provide the assistance you need.

A tax lien is a common tactic used by the IRS or State to protect its interest. They want to be paid so they will put a lien on any property you own so you may not sell without paying the taxes you owe first. There are no hard rules on when liens are filed, and they often seem arbitrary. Liens can be filed for a tax debt as small as $100 and we’ve seen clients owe millions in past taxes with no liens.

If you have a tax lien, please know that you can find lien assistance to deal with it in the best manner possible for you.

Our tax lien attorneys can provide you with a variety of ways to deal with your lien.

You may be able to obtain a lien release commitment if you agree to fully pay the tax obligation, request a certification of subordination to another creditor, receive a partial lien release, or even have it fully withdrawn if there was a mistake.

In order to determine what the best course of action is you will need tax lien help. We can provide you lien assistance so you submit all of the necessary requests, documentation, and more. Contact us today at 844-841-9857 to schedule a free, confidential consultation or fill out our contact form.