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As a Contractor, we GET you. Your days are long, your life is busy, and your work ethic is solid. You work hard. And that’s just your day job! At home, you’re a provider, a caretaker, and everything to everyone. It’s no wonder your taxes are your last priority. Fortunately for you, your taxes are OUR first priority!

Over the last several decades, our firm has helped thousands of Construction Contractors just like you. Why so many? Because Construction Contractors can have really complex tax problems! You’re probably paid 1099 income, so what about self-employment taxes? Is my business structured correctly? What can I deduct at the end of the year? And wait a minute – how can I owe that much when I didn’t even MAKE that much? Not to mention the ever-changing construction market.

That’s where Polston Tax & Accounting can help! Our team offers everything you need to make sure your business is maximizing deductions, meeting deadlines on time, and doing everything necessary to keep you out of tax trouble while paying as little in taxes as possible. Here’s how we can help:

Tax Resolution Services:

Missed a quarterly tax payment? Owe the IRS or the State thousands of dollars? We can help you. Once you’ve finished your initial consultation our team can get to work right away. Whether you need to stop a wage garnishment or bank levy, file past taxes, or are just tired of representing yourself against the IRS or State, we can help! If you owe the IRS or State and don’t know what to do next, we can help find the best resolution that fits your financial situation and is affordable to you.

Our Tax Resolution services can provide resolutions in the following areas:

Tax Planning Meetings:

Too often we meet with clients who have never been advised of all the essential ways they can save money on taxes. This can stem from their business not being structured correctly or deductions that they never even considered! Many times, clients have even had tax preparers advise them NOT to claim certain deductions they are rightfully owed. When you come in for your Tax Planning meeting, we will review your tax returns, discuss in detail every aspect of your business, and put a plan in place to reduce your tax burden.

Tax Return Preparation for Individuals and Business:

Our team of Tax Preparers has incredible knowledge and experience in the construction industry and can make sure your returns are filed timely, correctly, and in a way that’s most beneficial to you

Quarterly Estimated Tax Calculations:

We don’t want you to be surprised when you get your tax return. Our team of Tax Prepares will calculate your estimated tax return each quarter to ensure you can make decisions in 4th quarter that will help reduce your tax burden before the years ends.

1099 Preparation:

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see workers in the construction industry who inappropriately file their 1099s. Considering the IRS penalties for these incorrect or late filings just increased, let us help you make sure this is done accurately and timely!

Get your FREE copy of "The Construction Contractor's Guide to Solving Tax Problems"

The Construction Contractor

Fill out the form below to get your free copy of “The Construction Contractor’s Guide to Solving Tax Problems”. The Contractor’s guide can give you all the information you need to know so you can successfully deal with your tax problems for good. The short book covers the vast challenges and problems every contractor can face. Not only do we cover how you can fall into tax trouble, but also how you can get out from under those tax problems.

The guide will not only help you understand your tax problem, but also what solutions are available to you. This book will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • What a Revenue Officer is
  • Setting up Your Own Installment Agreement
  • What those IRS letters Mean
  • Do you Qualify for Offer in Compromise or Economic Hardship?

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