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Tax Court Representation

Tax Court Representation

Do you disagree with the IRS on a liability you supposedly owe? Sometimes a taxpayer's last resort is court, TAX court! Tax court is not your average court. Tax court's base is actually in Washington D.C. There are 19 judges that travel between states and hear tax court cases twice a year. There are designated cities for each state, but not always a designated location within that city.  

It is not required to have hired representation in tax court, nor does your representation need to be an attorney as long as they are admitted to appear in tax court. Of course, we do not recommend representing yourself before a judge in tax court (unless you are already an experienced tax attorney!).  

At Polston, we have filed and resolved hundreds of tax court cases. Often, we don't even have to take our case all the way to the judge because the IRS chooses to resolve the case before we have the chance!  

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