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Wage Levies or Garnishments

Wage Levies or Garnishments

When the IRS (or State) has had difficulty receiving payments from a taxpayer, they may issue a wage levy or wage garnishment to your employer. This written notice instructs your employer to withhold a certain percentage of your paycheck and send it directly to the IRS instead. The IRS uses this table to calculate how much of your salary is exempt from the wage levy. If you happen to receive a bonus while the IRS is garnishing your wages you won't receive any of it because the IRS only allows you to keep that exempt portion of your salary.  

If you are self-employed you're not off the hook! The IRS will send a similar letter to your accounts receivable instructing them to send the money directly to the IRS instead. If you need wage garnishment help, you should act immediately. A few way to release an IRS wage garnishment are: 

  • Proving an economic hardship created by the levy 
  • Setting up an Installment Agreement 
  • Paying the amount you owe  

Wage levies are continuous. The IRS does not need to issue a new form for each period. The wage levy will continue until your IRS debt has been paid in full (including the penalties and interest) or you take action and stop the garnishment!  

If you are interested in getting wage garnishment help, schedule a free consultation using the form below or call us today at 1-844-841-9857! Don't wait until it's too late. Wage levies can be stopped, but you need to act fast!