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Revenue Officer Assistance

Revenue Officer Assistance

If you are dealing with a Revenue Officer you probably flinch every time someone knocks at your door or an unknown number calls you. While we typically tell clients that the IRS doesn't call or show up on your doorstep, the rules are different when a Revenue Officer or Agent is involved.  

Revenue Officers aren't your average IRS employee. They know the tax code very well and have the power to levy your wages and bank account and seize your property! Revenue Officer tactics are often more extreme. Knowing your rights as a taxpayer is important when you are in this stage of collections. Your right to representation and your right to have a Revenue Officer contact your representation rather than you can be a huge burden release. Once you have an attorney handling your case you will never need to have a one-on-one with a Revenue Officer.  

A business only has to owe $25,000 to the IRS to have a Revenue Officer assigned while an individual's tax debt has to reach $250,000. Once you've been contacted by a Revenue Officer do NOT ignore them. This will only create problems and cause the Revenue Officer to try more aggressive tactics. A RO will be more likely to show up on your doorstep, talk to neighbors, talk to business associates, and call you! Revenue Officers act like a private investigator for the IRS and gather facts about your activities, whereabouts, family members, etc. in an effort to learn more about your lifestyle and what you do with your money. 

If you're tired of being stressed and worried about your problems with a Revenue Officer, call us at 844-841-9857 today! We've helped hundreds of clients effectively deal with their Revenue Officer and negotiated a realistic resolution they could pay. You can also fill out the confidential consultation form below!