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Are you in need of tax help because you owe taxes? We can help. At Polston Tax Resolution and Accounting, we provide individuals just like you with IRS tax help to protect their family, bank account, business, home, vehicles, assets, and overall future. Now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to take charge of your debt with the help of an IRS tax attorney.

Who Are We?

Polston Tax Resolution and Accounting is made up of tax relief attorneys, CPAs, tax preparers, accountants, case managers, financial analysts, and other employees who have more than 100 years of combined experience providing clients IRS tax help. Our team fights for our clients every day and goes to battle with the IRS and State. Our goal is to find the best overall tax resolution for you. Your IRS tax lawyer will help ensure you achieve your best possible future. And that's because when you trust us to take care of your case and provide IRS help, you become more than a client – you become part of the Polston family.

Private Debt Collection Agencies Now Being Used by the IRS!
How Does It Work?

When you seek our tax relief attorneys out for our tax resolution services, you have a whole team behind you. The team's goal is the same – providing IRS help so you can get out of tax debt. Your team will be comprised of several different professionals.

  • Your tax professional will help you create a game plan as your tax preparer completes your returns.
  • Your CPA will assess your business financials, and your financial analyst will compile your financial history.
  • Your IRS tax attorney will fight the IRS on your behalf, and your legal assistant will handle the paperwork and keep you updated on the case.
  • Your case manager will provide updates as they come along.

At the end of the day, we want to provide you with the IRS tax help you need to go down the road of financial freedom. Fill out our free consultation form today so we can get started helping you with your tax debt.


“Now I can get on with my life!”

"The IRS problem became my life...everything in my life was on hold to some degree...a good day was one where I did not receive any notices or statements in the mail. Then I used Rod Polston's office for help, and EVERYTIME I CALLED I was taken care of. I'm a pretty tough guy, or at least I think I am on the outside; but when I got the news that Mr. Polston's office had finally solved my problems and arranged for a payment plan that I could manage, I got a little emotional on the phone...I was truly I…
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